Freitag, Dezember 23, 2016

"Damage X Villains Conspiracy" - Das Interview zur "VILLAGE" Collabo der beiden spanischen Companies

These days collabos and capsule collections are the shit in skateboarding. Every big company tries to team up with a hip small company or even crew to get the street credibility. It´s always a win-win-situation, because the small companys benefits from the connections and knowledge oft he big company and the big company gets a little more cool.

Beside these types of collabos, there are other small companys teaming up with another small company. An example for this kind of collabos is the recent „Damage X Villains Conspiracy“ collection.

Both are from Spain, one from Madrid, the other from Valencia. Let´s have a closer look behind this joint venture!

Domliebe: Hi guys, what´s the story behind your collabo?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: Hey! Whats good? Well, me (Jura) and Hugo, the head of Villains, we´ve been friends for a long time. He has been doing Villains way longer than Damage exists. But I guess our friendship and our similar taste and vision of skateboarding made us work on that collabo. It actually happened really natural and we pretty much had the same ideas.

Domliebe: What kind of product does your collabo include?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: The collabo contains a full tracksuit ( sweatpants and hoodie), and a hat. All matching in case you wanna wear the full shit...haha.

Domliebe: Why did you choose exactly this stuff?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: We didn’t want to make the common t-shirt or board collabo. We wanted to do something a bit different of what we’ve been doing in other collabos. So we thought a full tracksuit would be cool. Not too many people like to wear the full thing, but you can always get it separated! In my case, I would wear a different tracksuit everyday, if I had the chance.

Domliebe: In the last years there were a lot of collabos in the skateboarding-world. In most cases it´s a major company joining an “en vogue” company. Your collabo is different, what´s the benefit you get from your cooperation?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: Like I said, we are just two homies sharing the passion for skateboarding and making clothes. We are not big brands making crazy profits at all. We just wanted to do something well done and show it to the people. We are dropping a clip in a few days too! We just want to show the people what we are doing, we out there skating, we out there working!

Domliebe: If you could choose a “dream collabo partner” outside of the skateboarding world, who would it be and which product would you like to produce?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: I think I would do it with FTP (Fuck The Population). I would produce some bangin gear like a crazy jacket and a ski mask or something like that. It’s probably the sickest brand out there.

Domliebe: Will there be more collabos between Damage X Villains Conspiracy in the future?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: We are not trying to burn people with collabos, but im sure it will be more in the future.

Domliebe: Where can people from over here get your stuff? Is a german shop carrying your stuff, or is online the only chance?

Damage X Villains Conspirancy: We don’t have any retailer in Germany unfortunately. But you can find the gear in our webstore. ( Also, you can contact or visit

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